Eyeora Instructions

Log In

After downloading the latest version of Eyeora, open the app and enter the credentials (email and password) you've entered to purchase the VR Pass or Headset + VR Pass.

To select the buttons, you need to focus your gaze and wait for the loading animation to complete.

Personalize your avatar.

Within the virtual reality environment, all users connected at that time are present with their Avatar.

Rockin'1000 VR Room

Inside the Rockin'1000 VR Room you can see many videos of Rockin'1000 and you can interact with other people present, through their avatar.

To enter the Rockin'1000 VR Room, select "VR Rooms", and then "Rockin'1000 VR".

If you want to make a public session, that means to see, be visible and interact with other people, choose "Public" if instead you want to make a private session, choose "Private".

Once inside the VR Room, if you look down, you find a menu through which you can exit, access the 360 contents and do other actions.

Access to 360 videos

To access 360 videos, open the menu and select the icon top right "360°".

Under the "360 Content" menu, select "Event Content" and access to the three 360 ° concerts of Rockin'1000 by selecting "join".


In case you are experiencing problems, you can ask for help sending a ticket to Eyeora.

Here's how to do it:
Log in to your Eyeora account at studio.eyeora-vr.com/login and enter your credentials.

Select "My account" from the menu top right

Select "TICKETS" from the navbar and then "New ticket"

Enter the description of your problem / issue in english and click "Open ticket"