The tragedy that recently occurred in Minneapolis is the latest case of a series of violence against the African American population that has gone too far.

So we decided to do something, launching a challenge.

We ask all our community to rewrite part of the lyrics of the song "Street Fighting Man" by The Rolling Stones, replacing some verses of disengagement and resignation, with words of hope, struggle, commitment!


Download the file with the lyrics of the song, write your text where you find the empty spaces (or rewrite the entire song!) and send it to us at streetfightingman@rockin1000.com

DOWNLOAD HERE the lyrics of the song with the spaces to be edited.

Among all the files received, we will choose the text that struck us the most, and as soon as we can we will play it with the Thousand.

The author of the winning lyrics will be publicly communicated through our channels, the lyrics will be registered to the Italian copyright collecting agency and the winner will be registered as an author!

Deadline: July 1, 2020