To play with another thousand musicians. In a stadium in front of thousands of spectators.

This is Rockin'1000 That's Live. A unique experience that you will not forget. Never.

To enter the Thousand you have to apply HERE

Our Music Gurus will evaluate your application and you will receive the response via email (check also in the spam folder!).

Once you have joined the band, to participate in our events, you will have to subscribe to each of them through our platform, which becomes accessible once you have registered.

After having signed up to participate in the concert, you will access video tutorials and sheet music. You will have to study from home and take part in the general rehearsals at the concert venue, one or two days before the live show.

Studying and taking part in the rehearsals is mandatory.

If playing music is a serious matter, playing in the Thousand is even more!



To try to join the largest rock group in the world, ROCKIN'1000, you must register in advance at this address

You will then need to fill out a questionnaire and attach a link to a video showing you playing or singing; the video can be hosted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other active web address accessible to an external user.

Once registered, you will immediately receive a user name (in the form of number) and you will need to create a password to access the Rockin'1000 musicians' platform, available through the app (Android or iOS) or via the web on

Registration is completely free.

Each registration is personal. Because of this fact, if you belong to a group and all its members would like to participate, each of them will have to register separately.


Once registered, a jury composed of musicians (the gurus) will watch your video and judge whether you have the skills required to join the group. If yes, you will officially become a member of the Rockin'1000 group.

Even if you are not a professional musician do not worry, the selection we make is not so rigid and we welcome enthusiasts, amateurs and self-learners!

You will have to wait a few days, or even a few weeks, before finding out whether your application has been successful. You will then receive an email or a notification via the app.

If you aren't successful, all hope is not lost! If the video that you submitted does not do you justice, or if you have improved in the meantime, you can apply again and send us a link to a new video, still via the platform.


Only the musicians who have been selected can access this section of the website and the app.

By accessing this platform, you can:

  • stay updated about the events we organize
  • adhere to our initiatives
  • receive all the practical information (logistics, calendars, maps, tutorials, music, conventions, contacts in case of questions, etc.)
  • communicate with other Rockin'1000 musicians
  • look at and download all the pictures of the preparations and the concerts
  • and a lot more!

Access is gained via this link or via the app (IOS - iOS and Android)

We strongly advise you to install the app because, thanks to the push notifications, you will receive information updates without delay.


Participation in our event is free, but you must provide your own instrument. Travel, accommodation and catering costs are at your own expense. We would like to be able to support you financially, but unfortunately, at the moment, we can not afford it! However, we guarantee you that attending one of our events is an unforgettable experience, where you will meet hundreds of musicians from all over the world, play in front of thousands of people, enjoy the roar of your audience and feel indescribable emotions!

Detailed information on participation can be found on the platform, which is continuously updated as you approach the event.

Participating in the events involves 4 phases

  • Registration for the event
  • Preparation from home
  • The 2-3 days of rehearsals, before the show
  • The show


To participate, you must access the home page of the platform and give your availability by switching ON the box next to the event.

Declaring the availability means taking a commitment, having time to prepare from home in the previous months, and being available for the days of rehearsals and for the day of the event.

The places are limited and very coveted, so please do not adhere lightly and do not cancel at the last, as you would put all of us and your fellow musicians in great difficulty. Sign up only if you are sure to participate.


During the months preceding the event, in the "Tutorials" section of the platform, you will find videos, music, guitar tabs and explanations to allow you to prepare.

As the resources you use to prepare are provided and updated over time, you don't need to worry if you don't find all of the information from the start.

In case of doubts about the parts to sing or play, please don't hesitate to contact our gurus who will be delighted to help you!


You will need to make yourself completely available during the days preceding the event to participate in the rehearsals that will last for 2 to 3 days and will take place either near the concert venue or on site.

The rehearsals will usually begin in the morning and finish in the evening. On the first day, they will take place by section (vocals, guitars, basses, drums...) and then end up with all of the musicians.

On the registration platform, you will find a list of what you will need to bring with you.

A specific place is assigned to each musician on the stage. You can leave your instrument (example: drums) or equipment (example: amp) at the place that has been assigned to you.

What you leave at your place will remain there for the duration of the rehearsals and the concert, even at night. So you will have to protect it and perhaps cover it with a waterproof sheet. The security staff are responsible for ensuring the care of the instruments during the night.

The rehearsal days can be very intense, requiring the coordinated movement of hundreds of people including musicians, technicians and volunteers. You must therefore respect the timings and the rules given on the platform by the conductor and the staff present on the spot. The app greatly facilitates this task!

Unless you are under 18 years old, you cannot be accompanied by friends, parents or your spouse during the test period.


The concert is the culmination of our adventure. After having prepared for months and having gone through the rehearsals under the leadership of the conductor, you will perform in front of thousands of people, supported by a production worthy of the top rock stars!

Like during the tests, there will be timings and rules to respect.

Your friends or family members will not be able to access the pitch during the concert, even if you are a minor, but will be able to watch the concert from the stands.

As an entry ticket is required to attend the concert, any person wishing to attend, including friends and family members, must buy one from the official sellers.


After the concert, you will need to take down your equipment and remove it from the stadium.

As the team starts to dismantle the facilities as soon as the audience leaves, you must not leave behind any equipment belonging to you.

In the days following the event, you can download your certificate of participation. You will also have the opportunity to see and download photos from the concert that you have actively participated in!