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A brand new show!

The Thousand will play unplugged Tender by Blur around a huge bonfire: no amps, no mics - just acoustic guitars, hands and voices.

Anybody can join - so bring the guitar with you! We will start at sunset and will go on through the night, under the starlight.

The performance will produce a new video.

The Thousand will play as separate groups in the Rotation Stage.

They will play their own songs or cover songs: you will never have other opportunities to listen to so many bands in one day!


Late afternoon, the Thousand will play three medleys, 15 unforgettable songs condensed, the riffs and the refrains that made the History of Rock.

We're back to the origin of Rockin'1000, when we played the Foo Fighters tribute.

Musicians and public together for a new show and a new video!

100% Rock DJ Set under the stars.



Guitar-a-oke for guitarists
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CineRock by Kino
Cinema under the stars

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Val Veny is one of the most fascinating places in the Valle d'Aosta region, wild and ancestral in its charm. Just a few kilometers away from Courmayeur, it stretches from the village of Entreves up to Col de la Seigne pass, that marks the border with France.

The Valley offers a variety of environments and is a parade of beautiful unspoiled landscapes, from the alpine glades, along the river Dora, to the hundred-year-old larch forests, from the eternal glaciers, to the peaks of the Mont Blanc chain, from the alpine lakes of Miage, to the limestone of Les Pyramides.

In the winter, it's the realm of ski and free ride, while in the summer it welcomes trail and walk fans, as well as climbers form all over the world.

However, Val Veny is not only landscapes and nature, like Courmayeur, it has a complex and sometimes contradictory personality.
Here the beauty of nature intermingles with man and his history creating a dialogue the words of which have been the same for centuries, respect, adaptation, coexistence, challenge, reception.

Many stories are linked to this Valley, a frontier land and crossing point that will deeply touch whoever visits and lives its spirit.