After our European stopovers, we’re coming back to Italy and landing on the runway of Linate-Milano airport with Rockin’1000 That’s Live.


The concert will take place Saturday evening, October 12, in the “Milano-Linate Air Show,” a two day long event with hot air balloon flights, the biggest food truck festival in Europe, comedy shows, and much more.

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To attend our concert, there will be two prepared areas, and in turn, two different tickets:
one for unnumbered spots to stand in on the parterre, and one with numbered seats in the bleachers.
Both tickets last one day and guarantee access to all of the day’s activities, including our show.

Ticket prices

Single Standing Spot: 23 EUR (includes one day entry and a Rockin'1000 parterre spot)
Numbered Bleacher Seat: 40,25 EUR (includes one day entry and a Rockin'1000 bleacher seat)

Children ages 7 to 14 pay 11,50 EUR for the parterre and 23 EUR for the bleachers.

Children under 6 don’t have to pay and are entitled to a spot.

A special area will be available for disabled people until space runs out. To request a spot, write to:


No Borders On Board

This Milano-Linate event will be a special edition of Rockin’1000 That’s Live.

We’re bringing rock to an airport: not just any location, the land of everyone and no one, where the doors of discovery open, where horizons broaden, and where new worlds can be entered.

We’ll celebrate freedom, knocking down walls and boundaries, and overcoming fears and divisions.

We’ll do it while using our music to pay homage to important events that fall on this year: man’s first step on the Moon, the anniversary of Woodstock, and the fall of the Berlin wall.

Our special guests will be two heavyweights from the world of Italian music ϟ Subsonica and Manuel Agnelli!

No Borders, On Board ✈ Ready to get on board? We’re taking off!


Musicians who want to play but are not yet registered with the Rockin’1000 platform must register by clicking on the “come play" button.

You can find all information on the musician’s registration and participation in detail at this address.

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