Eugen Mirosch

Düsseldorf, Germany


Eugen Mirosch

My name is Eugen and I live in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was born in Ukraine moved to Germany about 15 years ago and since then I ve been living across two countries Germany and Italy, because my family moved over there. <br/>My first musical instrument was piano. I started playing the piano at the age of 6. I liked it so much, so I decided to learn it and went to the music school. At the age of 10, piano was not enough for me :) and I started learning playing the clarinet. After finishing 7 years piano incl. 5 years clarinet I decided to learn classical guitar and started my guitar lessons in the same music school, which I graduated then at the age of 18. <br/>I also played the clarinet and later on bass guitar in the music school orchechstra. During my student years I also played clarinet in the university orchestra, however my favourite music instrument was always classical guitar.<br/>After graduating from university I did not practice too much and only came back to music during the lockdown last year :)<br/>I like to make full covers for popular hard-rock and rock songs where I play different instruments, make video and then cut it in a one video clip. You can find some of them on my YouTube page<br/>

Classic rock Hard rock Heavy metal Industrial Alternative Punk Britpop